Let’s Go Fly A Kite

My heart soars in the wind like a kite; it dances with the rhythm of the wind-almost wild-all the while tethered to a central point.

You are my central point.

Like the kite, I was made for flying high with the wind.  I open my self up to catch the familiar breeze of life and take off into the sky, looking down at you from my temporary home.  I pretend to soar across the land to another place and time, feeling the snap of reality when I remember I am but a kite tied to a string.



I know you are not gone, but you are not here either.  I continuously sit at my computer, hoping you will come through my fingers and face me from the screen.  It’s like you have shrunk down to a tiny size and are now hiding in the fabrics of my mind-peeking around the corner the way a toddler does when they are up to no good.  I am worried because there are so many things that need to be shared-if you are gone too long I won’t be able to manage them all-not alone.
They will disappear.
I will forget.
You will forget.
You have already forgotten.
I should go on and focus on other things that need to be shared, with other people and other places….but I can’t.  They don’t seem as interesting or as fun as ours.  We have such a rich, influential story-it would be a shame not to cherish it….
But when is it cherishing and when is it fantasizing?
How do I keep my feet on the ground-living in the Now, if I keep reaching up to clouds that are drifting by above me traveling to the Great Beyond?
If I idolize our Past, how will I appreciate my Now?
Maybe you should stay hidden.
My heart fractures at the very thought, but you are more than a muse and all it takes isa mere ripple of your existence and you grow to incredible proportions; great for my history-bad for my now.
So why haven’t I put out the fire that burns for you?  love