Relighting the Flame pt 2

Eric’s world stopped.

He couldn’t hear anything except the ringing of disbelief and confusion.  His whole world went black-except for Rosalyn.  The glow of the bar signs made her skin the color of honey, and her dusty rose colored lips shine like he had never seen before.  Eric blinked a couple times and could feel the hair on his neck stand up, he also knew that she was speaking to him but couldn’t get over the ringing in his ears.  He just nodded, never breaking his bewildered stare with her.  Rosalyn let out a what could only be a chuckle and placed her head inside her hand on the table.  It was so like her to be social and inviting, he thought, his coworkers were already captivated by her energy and smile.  Oh her smile! He suddenly had a rush of memories about her smile.  How it used to be the first thing he woke up to each morning, how that smile used to say the most loving things to him, how that smile tasted on hot summer nights…
Eric shook his head, am I thinking?  He thought.  With another quick shake of his head, her voice, along with everyone else, came swimming back to his senses.
“Holy Shit, what are you doing here?!” He managed to say enthusiastically
Rosalyn smiled with a familiar confidence, “I was in the neighborhood.”
After a few minuets of tossing introductions back and forth with his coworkers, Eric asked Rosalyn if he could speak with her alone.  Eric’s stomach had butterflies as he fought back memories; memories that he knew he missed too much.  They swayed around people until they found an empty table.  Eric offered to buy the next round, Rosalyn graciously agreed, she could feel her smile widen with slight inebriation.
“Really, what are you doing here, Rose?” He finally said after tossing a swig of his beer.
“Really, I was in the neighborhood”
“Really, what are you doing in the neighborhood?”
Rosalyn sighed with a half smile and took a sip of her wine which tasted extra sweet while looking at her target. “I have a lecture to do this week. I was invited by the New York Genealogy and Biographical Society.  The lecture is on Monday, but I came out a little early so I could prepare.”
“Sure you did.” Eric jested with her.  He couldn’t help but flirt with her.  It was like it was programmed in him.  Whenever he saw her blue eyes flash his way he could feel his slacks shift and tighten.  What is happening, Eric thought,  Rosalyn and I had our chance all those years ago, we live completely separate lives now!  We can’t be doing this, we don’t even live in the same state!  Nevertheless, his slacks had become very uncomfortable and he noticed his hands became slightly sweaty.
“I did! I just wanted to see what a pub in the famed New York City was like…..and I took a chance to see if you would be here.” Rosalyn said sheepishly.
“Well did the chance pay off for you?”  Eric asked
“We will see.  So far yes, but the night is young.”  With that, Rosalyn took a sip of her wine.

The pair started chatting about their lives.  Eric told Rosalyn about his travels around the world and how he had been on an epic personal journey to find himself.  God, it is still so easy to talk to her, he thought.  Eric found himself listening with a certain fondness as Rosalyn spoke of her efforts in her profession.  At some point though, he found himself staring at her again; not listening, but admiring.  Remembering. Wanting.  I had better be careful, he told himself, or I am going to want to take her home.  Eric knew the want was already there.  He didn’t realize how much he had missed her until she slid right up next to him.  Sure, they had been texting each other platonically for months, but the more Rosalyn flipped her blond hair off her shoulders, the more her eyes sparkled when they looked at him, the more his own eyes traveled along her body…he wanted to make their meeting very UN-platonic.


2 thoughts on “Relighting the Flame pt 2

  1. I really enjoyed this blog. I loved your descriptive words of dusty rose lips and skin like honey. Not only do the words describe but they give a feeling of rough or calm. I also like the dialogue, which adds a lot to the feel of the story.


    1. Thank you so much! The story in my mind never seems as vivid when I put it out in front of me in words, so I am trying to balance the right level of being concise with enough imagery to give the piece the amount of gravity it had when I conceived it.


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